Diabetes Care & Prevention

Diabetes care and education specialists have developed seven key areas of care. With the help of our Diabetes Care & Prevention (DCP) team, you’ll learn to improve your management skills in each of these areas:

  • Healthy Coping

Healthy coping means having a positive attitude toward your diabetes or prediabetes management, as well as positive relationships with others.

  • Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating refers to a pattern of eating high quality, nutritionally dense foods in amounts that lead to better health and wellness. A healthy eating pattern contains a variety of colorful vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy, lean sources of protein and oils, while keeping salt, added sugars, and saturated and trans fats to a minimum.

  • Being Active

Being active means doing any type of daily physical movement, whether it’s structured, like a session of exercise, or unstructured, like anything that decreases the time you spend sitting.

  • Taking Medication

Taking medication means following the day-to-day prescribed treatment at the right time, dose and frequency for the required length of time. Taking medication as prescribed also means you are following your treatment plan that was developed to help you avoid complications and stay healthy.

  • Monitoring

Monitoring means checking your glucose (sugar) levels, activity and food intake, and gathering data from multiple sources and devices to make decisions about your diabetes prevention efforts or diabetes care and self-management.

  • Reducing Risks

Reducing risks means doing behaviors that minimize or prevent complications and negative outcomes of prediabetes and diabetes.


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