About UNHS

A not-for-profit corporation

UNHS is a 501(c)(3) private not-for-profit corporation registered in the state of Utah that functions under the direction of a 100 percent Navajo Board of Directors. Given the rural location and the medically underserved population we serve, UNHS is proud to be a federally designated 330(e) Community Health Center system.

Financial viability and operating efficiency are achieved by our state-of-the art electronic medical records system, our dedicated billing staff, providers, and supporting staff.

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About UNHS

Our duty of fiscal responsibility to the community obligates us to aggressively pursue all private and governmental grant funding.
A full 25% of our funding comes from grants. By procuring funds that would otherwise go elsewhere, we are able to expand services while supporting the local economy and creating jobs.
We receive no county or state tax funding.

Though we are not part of the IHS (Indian Health Services), we maintain a working relationship with the IHS via a contract created under P.L. 93-638, Title V. Utah Navajo Health System has also received the support of The Utah Navajo Trust Fund (UNTF).

UNHS Statement


Mission Statement

We exist to improve quality of life through comprehensive, self-empowered, culturally-sensitive healthcare and amazing customer service.


Values Statement

UNHS will develop and expand health care services and community partnerships while improving economic opportunities for all communities.


History Statement

Utah Navajo Health System, Inc., started in 2000 as a single service corporation providing medical and dental care needs for rural communities in southeastern Utah. In September 1999, the Navajo Utah Commission recommended that the local community manage the health care services in the area.

20+ years in business 400+ employees 15,000 patients 50 doctors

Utah Navajo Health System Inc.

collaborates with the following organizations to offer you the care you need.


The University of Utah

Specialty Services including Cardiology and various telehealth programs

Ambulance Services

UNHS Emergency Medical Services and Navajo Nation EMS

San Juan Counseling

Counseling services for families and individuals


Utah Medicare
Non-Emergency Transport

Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

Early childhood development, healthy weight & iron levels, and nutrition.

VNA Home Health

Provides home-care services

Blue Mountain and
Shiprock Hospitals

Provide a wide array of services

Utah Medicare
Non-Emergency Transport

Board Members

Our board of directors is composed entirely of community members with organizational, financial, business, health, and governmental relations backgrounds. Our bylaws require the board’s composition to be represented by all geographic areas within the service area of UNHS.

Wilfred Jones

Red Mesa Chapter

Melinda Farley

Teec Nos Pos Chapter

Cassandra Beletso

Mexican Water Chapter

Gloria Begaye

Blue Mountain Dine, Blanding

Darrell Williams

Aneth Chapter

Lorissa Jackson

Oljato Chapter

Edward Tapaha

Red Mesa Chapter

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Executive Team

Michael Jensen

Chief Executive Officer

Byron Clarke

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Evans

Chief Financial Officer

Herb Clah Jr

HR Director

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L. Val Jones


Phone: (435) 678-0500

Wendell Key


Phone: (435) 678-0500

William Cuskelly

MD – Physician

Phone: (435) 678-0500

Manish Pandya

MD - Nephrology

Phone: (435) 678-0500

Ronald Kirk

OD Optometry

Phone: (435) 678-0500

L. Adam Black

Doctor of Chiropractic Medical

Phone: (435) 678-0500

Dar Quealy

PA-C Provider

Phone: (435) 678-0500

Casey Mccullough

MD – Medical Provider

Phone: (435) 678-0500

Sterling Black


Phone: (435) 678-0500

Russell Pincock


Phone: (435) 678-0500

Josh Nielson


Phone: (435) 678-0500

Revina Talker

MV Provider Nurse Manager, PA-C

Phone: (435) 678-0500

Megan Black


Phone: (435) 678-0500

Joseph Walker

PA-C – Physician Assistant Provider

Phone: (435) 678-0500

Alan Wygant

NP-C - Provider

Phone: (435) 678-0500

Jesse Moses

PA-C Provider

Phone: (435) 678-0500

Korl Keylon

PA-C Provider

Phone: (435) 678-0500

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